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Hello, my name is Benjamin. Welcome to my site about moving truck rentals. When I had to move across the country for school, I was tasked with taking the moving truck from my hometown to my new residence. The process was a nightmare initially, largely due to my inexperience and unsure expectations. I wish I would have researched the process more before starting out. I learned a lot on the trip though, and now I want to share it with you. This site will cover all you need to know about securing, using and returning a moving truck rental. Please come back soon.

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Storing Your Car Cheaply And Safely

One of your biggest financial investments may be in your vehicles. You spend much time and money maintaining them so they are road-ready. Sometimes, you need to store them long-term but simply cannot afford to keep them in a parking garage. You certainly cannot leave them unprotected. Another option for you is renting a space in a vehicle storage unit. 

Storage Needs

In certain urban areas, simply paying for parking is prohibitively expensive, especially if you do not drive your vehicles all that often. For some individuals, storing your car or truck during the winter may make financial sense. Also, if you are assigned temporarily across the country or even overseas, a storage unit may be the answer for protecting your vehicles. One other group that can benefit from these units are classic car owners. If you have an antique vehicle that you have slaved over, you desperately want to protect it. 

Unit Types

Depending on the storage facility that you choose, a variety of storage types may be available. Some companies offer outdoor storage and covered storage. If you are interested in the greatest amount of protection, however, you should choose the indoor storage units. Rain, snow, blazing heat, and frigid cold take their toll on your car's exterior and motor. The sun's rays are also hard on your vehicle's finish. An indoor storage unit will best protect your vehicle until you are ready to claim it once more. For classic car owners, a climate controlled storage unit is an excellent investment. You can keep your car there whenever you are not showing it at a car show, secure in the knowledge that your investment is safe.


Of course, a quality storage unit facility will have advanced security. Look for one with individual keypads, a security fence, and a sophisticated camera system. Remember, a well-maintained facility is an indication of a well-run facility.

Storage units are not just for furniture and odds and ends. You can trust them with your most valuable items, including your vehicles. If you need to keep a car safe for either the short-term or long-term, look into vehicle storage units at a place like King Arthur Self Storage. Long-term storage in a parking garage is extremely expensive, sometimes costing nearly as much as renting an apartment. A special parking storage unit should be more affordable and potentially safer as well. When you leave your vehicle behind, make sure it is safe and well-cared for by putting it in a storage unit.