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Hello, my name is Benjamin. Welcome to my site about moving truck rentals. When I had to move across the country for school, I was tasked with taking the moving truck from my hometown to my new residence. The process was a nightmare initially, largely due to my inexperience and unsure expectations. I wish I would have researched the process more before starting out. I learned a lot on the trip though, and now I want to share it with you. This site will cover all you need to know about securing, using and returning a moving truck rental. Please come back soon.

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Five Things to Get Rid of Before a Long-Distance Move

The longer the moving truck is on the road, the more you have to pay for the transportation of each box of household goods. The higher prices of a long-distance move make it worthwhile to downsize your possessions beforehand, and if you're crossing state lines, you'll have to consider regulations and quarantines when deciding what to take with you. Here are five things to consider selling or donating before moving day.

1. Houseplants

In addition to being tricky to move, since they're fragile and can easily cause messes, some plants may actually be illegal depending on what state you're moving to. Certain states have quarantines that will keep you from bringing certain plants into the state with you. But whether or not you're allowed to bring the plant, your moving company won't agree to move it. Household movers are prohibited by federal regulations from moving plants long distance.

2. Cleaners and solvents

Cleaners (such as household cleaners) and solvents (such as nail-polish remover and paint thinner) are on the no-go list for moving companies. This means that if you want to keep these items, you'll have to transport them in the family car. That is fine if you have room and know how to transport them safely. However, if your new home is a long road trip away, space in your car may be at a premium.

3. Weapons

Depending on how valuable and irreplaceable your guns are, you may choose to send them to your new home through the mail. It can be tricky to travel long distance with guns and other weapons (such as tasers) because different states have different gun laws, some of which include laws about whether you can travel through the state with a gun in your car. If you do want to take the gun in your personal vehicle with you, be sure you don't drive through any states that frown on that sort of thing.

4. Explosive or flammable substances

Explosives, such as fireworks, ammunition, gasoline, kerosene, and even harmless-looking aerosol cans all fall under the not-allowed category when it comes to moving trucks. So you'll want to go through your house, make a list of any such potentially dangerous substances, and then give these things away to a local friend or family member.

5. Unused items

It's just not worth moving unused items long distance. If you have some clothes in the back of your closet that have never fit quite right, a spare set of sheets you were given as a gift and hated, or old curtains you're not planning to need at your new house, try donating these things to a local charity shop.

These five categories will help you determine which items you should not plan on bringing along on your long-distance move. Talk to a company such as Walsh Moving & Storage for more information.