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Hello, my name is Benjamin. Welcome to my site about moving truck rentals. When I had to move across the country for school, I was tasked with taking the moving truck from my hometown to my new residence. The process was a nightmare initially, largely due to my inexperience and unsure expectations. I wish I would have researched the process more before starting out. I learned a lot on the trip though, and now I want to share it with you. This site will cover all you need to know about securing, using and returning a moving truck rental. Please come back soon.

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Moving Somewhere New? Here's How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Even if you are very happy to be moving to a different house or apartment, it is very easy to start feeling the heaviness of being overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things you have to do in order to empty your current abode and get everything to the new place. Instead of getting more and more frazzled about the job in front of you, use the suggestions below to calm down.

Stop Spending Money

You may already know there are some costs involved in moving your things from one place to another, but if you are like a lot of people, when you become overwhelmed you start to make impulse buys. You might order pizza for everyone helping you pack, buy more bubble wrap than you'll actually need or try to avert stress by relaxing with your favorite wine. Then you start to worry that moving is costing you too much money, which starts to make you feel overwhelmed all over again.

When it's time to move, give yourself a budget. Try to stick to that budget even when you start to feel antsy. Look for ways to save money during the moving process so you can feel good that you are not going overboard. For example, instead of buying bubble wrap at all, you may want to wrap your fragile pieces in clean linens that you have to take with you anyway. Instead of buying everyone pizza, have a leftovers stew. To relieve stress, avoid the wine and get a good night's sleep.

Keep a List and Focus on One Thing at a Time

One thing that can make you feel overwhelmed when you're moving is that you may become distracted by different things that need your attention. If you are packing up your dishes, for instance, and your spouse comes in asking whether you canceled the cable service, you might switch to that activity and then be reminded that you need more tape and head off to the store. As a result, you leave a lot of tasks half done and don't feel as if you've accomplished anything, even if you've been working for hours.

To feel better, start keeping a list of things to do and focus on a single task at a time. If you are packing up your closet and someone has a question or a request, write it down on your list and get to it when you've completed the task in front of you. 

With the suggestions in this article, you may be able to feel less overwhelmed about the moving process. You might even want to talk with a few moving companies in the area, such as Bekins Van Lines Inc, to get an idea of what services they can offer in order to take the pressure off of you during your move.